American Society of Forensic Podiatry

P.O. Box 549
Bandon, Oregon 97411


President: John A. DiMaggio, DPM
Vice President: Steve Wachter, DPM
Secretary/Treasurer: David Agoada, DPM


The objectives of the American Society of Forensic Podiatry (ASFP) are to promote the use of podiatry in forensics cases utilizing the analysis and evaluation of evidence related to the human foot, and to develop and maintain the highest standards of practice. The organization will promote this through continuing education for its members by way of educational seminars, study, newsletters, discussion, publications and liaison with other organized disciplines. A strong emphasis on podiatric research in the forensics field will be encouraged.


The ASFP was chartered in 2003 and is classified as a 501-(C) (6) non-profit organization.

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