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Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine

In 2016, the Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine established a Forensic Podiatry Club.


Though the club is still in its early stages, they already held a workshop in conjunction with Dr. Ellis, a biology professor specialized in forensic science. The workshop examined markings and papillary ridges of students’ latent footprints. Students dabbed their feet with wet paper towels and placed them onto a piece of paper. The paper footprint was sprayed with chemicals and dried. Following the chemical and drying treatment, the students visibly saw, measured the lengths and identified personal, individualized characteristics of their footprints. Additionally, students were challenged to recover a shoeprint using a carbon-based powder and fine brushes. Students then learned how to identify the shoe from which the print was left by comparing the print to the specific patterns of the sole. On April 8th, 2016, the club held another workshop with Dr. Ellis. This workshop examined footprints left in substances, as well as analyze the substance characteristics and the gait of the suspect, and what can be speculated about the suspect based on the splatter of the substance. The club is collaborating with the Class of 2019 in setting up a food drive to help the Miami Rescue Missions. 


The future activities of the club are continuing to flourish. A webinar will be held with Dr. Nirenberg to discuss the field as a whole and allow students to ask questions specific to what is required, how to break into the field, and the type of work that is done by a practicing physician. We hope to establish research projects relating to forensic podiatry, aiming to expand the scientific basis and techniques within the field, develop more community service programs, and help students gain knowledge of the field.


Getting students involved and excited about the specialty will further expand the already explosive field of forensic podiatry. Through exposure and education of forensic podiatry, we hope to add to the future teamwork of podiatrists and law enforcement, bringing justice through sound methodology and high standards of practice.

Forensic Podiatry Club e-board 2020-2021

The 2021-2022 Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine Forensic Podiatry Club Executive Board 

From left to right: Carina Alexis (Secretary), Balaj Chaudhry (President) and, Neil Upadhyay (Vice President)

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