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American Society of Forensic Podiatry Board Certification in Forensic Podiatry



The American Society of Forensic Podiatry (ASFP) was founded to advance the cause of forensic podiatry and to develop and maintain the highest standards of practice through research, discussion, education, publications, and interaction with other

recognized scientific agencies.


The objective of ASFP is to promote the use of podiatry in forensics cases, utilizing the

analysis and evaluation of evidence related to the human foot, while maintaining the

highest standards of practice.

The Role of the Board Certification

Board Certification in Forensic Podiatry is a voluntary process in which podiatrists are recognized for their advanced knowledge, competence, and skill in this discipline. ASFP Board Certification requires assessment, testing, and evaluation of the practitioner’s

education and experience. Board Certification in forensic podiatry is sought voluntarily by podiatrists in order to attain a credential, which evidences their high degree of training and knowledge of forensic podiatry.


The Objectives of Board Certification in Forensic Podiatry

The objectives to establish superior level of competency in forensic podiatry are achieved by the following:

  1. Providing a standard of requisite knowledge for board certification in forensic podiatry;

  2. Formally recognizing those individuals who satisfy the eligibility requirements of the ASFP and pass the examination; and

  3. Encouraging continued professional growth in the field.

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